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La Universidad Del Pacífico, con la mayor votación de sus pares, es la primera universidad del Ecuador que forma parte de la Selección Oficial de las 1000 (mil) mejores Escuelas de Negocios a nivel Internacional.
Ha liderado, por votación de sus pares, la primera posición en Ecuador desde el 2008 y la N° 35 en Latinoamérica y ha recibido por ocho años consecutivos: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 y 2015 el reconocimiento de las 3 Palmas.

INBUSH-AWARD-India-2016    INBUSH-ERA-Placa-INDIA     eduniversal-ranking-2015 
India 2016


HARVARD-2015  ISTANBUL-2014  INDIA-2013  PERU-2012  CHICA-2011 PRAGA-2010
USA 2015
Turquía 2014
India 2013
Perú 2012
China 2011
 Rep.Checa 2010
 SUDAFRICA-2009  PARIS-2008    ECUADOR-2007  Congreso-Nacional-Ecuador-2007  EFFIE-AWARDS  Equidad-GENERO 2007
Sudáfrica 2009
Francia 2008
Ecuador 2007
Congreso Nac.EC
Effie Awards
Equidad Género

Redes Académicas Internacionales

En el ámbito internacional, la Universidad Del Pacífico cuenta con una extensa red de cooperación internacional, con quienes ha consolidado programas de intercambio de profesores y estudiantes con miras a lograr la internacionalización de la formación profesional y la actualización constante y mejora contínua de los programas académicos.

La UPACÍFICO, como centro de pensamiento y enseñanza está obligada a incorporar los avances científicos y tecnológicos, acreditar sus programas académicos con organismos de reconocida experiencia internacional y a mantener sus relaciones internacionales con otras universidades en el largo plazo, con el propósito de que los profesionales del futuro puedan desempeñarse y enlazar al país más allá de las fronteras.

Comisión Permanente del Pacífico Sur - Miembro desde 2001


De izquierda a derecha: Director Ejecutivo de la CPPS, Dra. Sonia Roca - Canciller  de la UPACIFICO
y Dr. Patricio Zuquilan - Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores.

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 Iniciativa UPACIFICO Miembro desde 2002  Miembro desde 2010  Miembro 1998-2003 
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 Miembro desde 2008  Miembro desde 2009  Miembro desde 2009  
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Convenio Suscrito el 25 de Febrero de 2015

1.- Convenio Marco
    * Intercambio de Carácter Científico
    * Elaboración de Propuestas en conjunto para Fundaciones
    * Actividades de difusión conjuntas, Publicaciones de Investigaciones y Guías de Buenas Prácticas

Convenios Nacionales

La Universidad Del Pacífico, ha mantenido presencia académica dentro del ámbito nacional y ha firmado convenios de cooperación con un número importante de instituciones ubicadas dentro de distintas categorías: Académicas, Cámaras y Organizaciones Gremiales, Fundaciones, Instituciones Públicas y otras; los cuales han permitido que la UPACIFICO genere vinculación con la sociedad.

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icono pdf Listado de Convenios Nacionales

Study Abroad

Flexible Programs in one of South America’s most breathtaking countries…

The Ecuador Experience…

The perfect study abroad alternative for you!




We are a Higher Education Institution, responsible for preparing leaders with values and international vision with national perspective; endowed with powers to implement innovative initiatives that promote sustainable development in an environment of excellence, partnership and competitiveness.


Being recognized, for our expertise in entrepreneurship training, with national and international presence, working with academic excellence


ceaaces“Universidad Del Pacífico” was legally established by Law 43 (official Registry 218, of December, 1997) issued by the National Congress following a favorable report from CONESUP (National Council for Universities and Poly-technical Schools) and, the Internal Laws approved by CONESUP.

Accredited CEAACES - Consejo de Evaluación, Acreditación y Aseguramiento de la Calidad de la Educación.


If you are looking for the only fully-accredited university in Ecuador that specializes in Business Administration, then you have come to the right place!

With campuses in Quito, the nation’s capital and Guayaquil, the most important coastal city, we offer a full agenda of academic and cultural activities. International visitors enjoy the advantages offered by our agreements with numerous foreign universities. Whether you want the South American experience for two weeks or six months, the Universidad Del Pacífico is the perfect study abroad alternative for you!

We hope to see you soon!

THE ECUADOR EXPERIENCE (icono subir Index)

islaWhy Ecuador?

This small country with twelve-million inhabitants is located at the middle of the world (or equator), in the northwest corner of the South-American continent.

Only a few countries in the world possess the diverse, natural beauty of Ecuador. Spread out over four distinct climatic zones, the visitor can enjoy jungle adventures in the Amazon River Basin, mountaineering in the Andes and, the tropical beaches. All of these zones are easily reached within a few hours drive. The Galapagos Islands are only a couple of hours away by plane.

In terms of learning Spanish, the dialect of Quito is renowned as one of the clearest in the Spanish-speaking world. Ecuador has a fascinating indigenous and colonial history and a rich heritage in art and culture. Due to its location, Ecuador offers easy travel access to the rest of Latin America.

Moreover, Ecuadorians are friendly and hospitable people, welcoming all new comers.

Recreation, such as hiking, rafting, nightlife, gastronomic experiences, shopping, as well as, many other amenities and services are available at an affordable low cost. We offer hundreds of museums, churches and culturally enriching opportunities. Ecuador enjoys its reputation as a relatively safe place to travel.


Tour Locations

The Universidad Del Pacífico has academic centers in Quito and Guayaquil. Study Abroad students can take advantage of life in the capital city of Quito for a taste of life in the Andes. They can travel to tropical Guayaquil to have a coastal visit, to Cuenca to enjoy the magnificent colonial sites, or to the Galapagos Islands to experience the spectacular biodiversity.


The Universidad Del Pacífico is a business school specializing in Business Administration, Economics, Science, Technology and Environmental Administration. The system of instruction is based on the Harvard Real Case Methodology, which combines theory, analysis and practice. Having full accreditation, the Universidad Del Pacífico is able to offer transferable credits to the home universities of students.


The Universidad Del Pacífico offers special programs with flexible schedules from 2 weeks to 6 months directed to groups interested in studying Ecology, Environmental Administration, Spanish Language and Culture, Doing Business in South America, Colonial Art and History.

The purpose of the Field Studies program is to allow researchers, students, professors, and community developers to participate in courses related to understanding and interacting with the socio-cultural issues of a representative Latin American Nation. Each course allows students to conduct field research and to interact with the community and specialized groups.

Field Studies combines academic studies and on-the-ground-experience. Regardless of the theme, this experience provides students with analytical and problem solving skills, teamwork dynamics and a clear understanding of the environment.

Field Studies are designed to benefit students through hands-on community focused, economic and social field work in Ecuador. Students live and study in some of the most beautiful and jeopardized social eco-systems in the world, while earning college credits for participating in real life, challenging issues.


Academic Internships are available for students and teachers who wish to obtain hands-on experience in the following areas: Environmental Administration, Resource Management in Unique Ecosystems, International Relations, International Business, Cultural Development, Latin American Studies and Sustainable Development.


Ecuador offers certain social community services for the population which include the following: special education, health care, rehabilitation for the physically and mentally impaired, and others.

The Field Studies program allows the participant to perform Service Internships for the needy population of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands in the above mentioned areas. Students will receive a Certificate of Social Community Service for their work in the institutions that assist the population in the Islands. These internships are closely monitored and assessed by UPACIFICO staff, as well as, the agency or institution that hosts the participant.


Several options may be arranged for the visitors in order to ensure their stay in Ecuador is very comfortable. Living with a host University family is always a unique and enriching experience for both the family and the student. However, if students prefer independent living in an Apartment or a hotel, that may also be arranged.

LOCATIONS (icono subir Index)


Quito, a United Nation’s World Heritage Site, is one of the headquarters of the Universidad Del Pacífico, and has been the destination of study abroad students in past years. Located in the safe, quiet, upscale residential area of “El Pinar Alto”, the Campus is a tranquil refuge from the hustle and bustle of downtown Quito. Students may peacefully enjoy themselves in the gardens or mingle with professors and colleagues at the campus coffee shop. When they are ready to explore, the commercial and the colonial districts of Quito are only 15 minutes away.


Guayaquil, the main headquarters of the Universidad Del Pacífico, is Ecuador’s main port and commercial center. Those interested in international business, especially the import/export sector, will have a range of opportunities. Universidad Del Pacífico is located in the safe, upscale, residential area in the northwest section of Guayaquil, very near major shopping mall and restaurants.


piquerosThe Galapagos Islands are located directly on the equatorial line, in the South Pacific, 622 miles from the coast of Continental Ecuador. Universidad Del Pacífico, in association with Foundation Scalessia for Education, has its headquarters for the Field Studies program in Resource Management of Unique Ecosystems at the Thomas de Berlanga School, located in the outskirts of Puerto Ayora, the capital of Santa Cruz Island, and the site for the Charles Darwin Scientific Station.

The academic structure of all the two campuses and the center in Galapagos is designed to allow combined participation in more than one location.

FIELD STUDIES (icono subir Index)

Flexible schedules
Two week to six month programs:

  • Ecology
  • Environmental Administration
  • Resource Management in Unique Ecosystems
  • Spanish language and Culture
  • Doing Business in South America
  • Colonial Art
  • History

Universidad Del Pacífico offers field studies programs that combine academic study and on-the-ground-experience. Regardless of the theme, this experience provides students with analytical and problem solving skills, teamwork and a clear understanding of the environment.



From an interdisciplinary perspective, all programs investigate real, local environmental problems in the form of case studies. We seek answers that enable natural resources to be utilized in a manner that can be sustained indefinitely. Faculty lectures and readings provide theoretical information. Guest lectures by individuals who are intimately involved in the issue under study.


Field research allows students to place theories learned in the classroom into practice. These projects usually last for more than half of the program, concluding with presentations.


Field and service projects attain students with a unique opportunity to understand and appreciate local perspectives.


The program extends beyond academic study to many aspects of group dynamics, community relationships and daily living. Mastering these challenges requires flexibility and teamwork.  Students will develop technical, analytical and risk-management skills that are useful in both the long and short term.


  • The opportunity to visit people and places most tourists are never able to experience.
  • Excellent faculty; work with and learn from well prepared teachers and local experts.
  • Gain hands-on field experience and analytical skills.
  • Live and study in an exotic and jeopardized ecosystem with cultural diversity.
  • Develop knowledge and personal confidence to succeed in a foreign country, as well as, to work internationally.
  • Study cultures and economics from a different part of the world and gain a new cultural perspective.
  • Gain hands-on experience in multi-disciplinary sciences.
  • Design and conduct research projects.
  • Receive guidance in choosing a career path.
  • Establish valuable contacts.
  • Small classes, communicative focus, personalized attention.
  • Transferable credits.
  • Possibility to select topics of special interests
  • Experience a variety of extracurricular activities.

EXCURSIONS (icono subir Index)

cotopaxiQuito is the base for exploring the Andes, or “sierra” region. It is located 2,800 meters above sea level in the middle of the Andean Cordillera. During your stay you can begin an incredible adventure within this wondrous and diverse country.

There are a wide range of trips that are convenient due to proximity and can be taken during a weekend. Ecuador offers numerous cultural experiences such as visiting famous Indian markets where visitors learn about the local culture, cuisine, music, dances and, of course, do some souvenir shopping. Colonial art museums and churches are just minutes away. Other alternatives like Eco-tourism give students a once in a life time opportunity to witness some of the of Ecuador’s treasury of fauna and flora. The Universidad Del Pacífico guarantees an unforgettable stay while granting students a career opportunity.

Guayaquil is the most important city on the cost of Ecuador. Unlike the Sierra, the coast has an average temperature of 72™ F. Students may want to explore the beaches and fishing villages of the coast on their own, but they certainly will not want to miss an excursion to Machalilla National Park. Located 140 miles northwest of Guayaquil,  Machalilla is Ecuador’s only coastal Park offering virgin beaches, an unusual tropical dry forest, a coastal cloud forest, several archeological sites, mainland coral formations and two off-shore islands where there are nesting sea-bird colonies. The Universidad Del Pacífico’s campus in Guayaquil is located in an excellent area for all sorts of activities such as water sports, entertainment, archeological sites, protected areas and eco-tourism among others.

The Ecuadorian Amazon ecosystem, particularly its tropical rain forest, is considered to be one of the richest and most complex communities of plant and animal life in the world. The Amazon basin can be reached from Quito in only a few hours, a short ride, considering the breath-taking panorama of scenery and nature that one experiences along the way. Ecuador’s extensive national park system, scientific stations and protected areas cover nearly 7.5 million acres. Visiting the Amazon is a worthwhile experience. It is strongly suggested that all our students visit the area.


The Galápagos Islands are one of the most unique and compelling places in the planet. They are located 622 miles from the Ecuadorian coast and constitute a geological and botanical wonder. All of the Galapagos reptiles are found on the archipelago. Giant tortoises, marine and land iguanas living in multiple, unique landscapes have captivated generations of tourists and scientists. The Islands can be reached in a two hour flight from Guayaquil. Specific measures must be taken in order to protect the delicate ecosystem. That is one of the reasons why Universidad Del Pacífico offers field studies in the Galapagos. All of those interested in discovering nature in its pure state and protecting it in the future should join our team.

ACADEMIC PROGRAM (icono subir Index)

The academic organization of UPACIFICO programs is structured around a basic or specialized curriculum. The student must complete 180 to obtain a degree.



BS Business Administration: this180-credit degree is equivalent to a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Universidad Del Pacífico is registered in the International Handbook of Universities, published by UNESCO and the international Association of Universities.

RESEARCH CENTERS (icono subir Index)


This academic and research center contributes to the research efforts of the university with the business incubator program. The Center offers continuing education courses.


The Universidad Del Pacífico conducts market investigation for non-traditional export products and offers specialized courses for corporate executives (public and private) who need training in specific areas that are not included in our current executive education programs. The university is a member of the National Competitiveness Investigation Center.


These Centers were established to pursue the mission and goals of the university.  They include a specialized research unit for globalization in business, social and cultural issues.


There are a variety of universities operating in Ecuador, however very few are recognized as accredited institutions. The Universidad Del Pacífico is fully accredited by the government of Ecuador.

Founded in 1994 with a mission statement encouraging the development of a business culture in Ecuador, the Universidad Del Pacífico has worked diligently to achieve the status of “university”, which was granted in 1997. The university has been approved by the Council of Universities and Poly-technical Schools (CONUEP).


The Faculty is the key to the success of the Universidad Del Pacífico in the realm of academia with the careful guidance of the University’s Evaluation accreditation Department. Students are actively involved in teacher evaluations. Their input is critical in maintaining our standards regarding top quality professors at the Universidad Del Pacífico.


Our professors have been selected due to their dedication to teaching and their extensive experience in business, economics, science and technology. Ninety percent of our professors possess graduate degrees obtained from prestigious American and European universities such as Columbia University, Thunderbird, INCAE, Birmingham and Oxford, among others.


red internacional

The Universidad Del Pacífico has several strong relationships with universities outside of Ecuador, as well as international organizations.

Due to the universities international agreements, students are guaranteed that they will be able to transfer their academic credits to any university abroad.  This permits students to experience and participate in student exchange programs and international competitions that prepare them to confront work demands in a globalized economy, gaining and appreciation for both cultural diversity and teamwork.

The Universidad Del Pacífico is a founding member of the Association of Universities of the Pacific (AUP).  Currently, the university holds the position of the Presidency of the AUP, as well as, the Permanent International Secretary.

The academic year has two regular semesters which are 16 weeks in duration, and one summer session that is four weeks in length.

I Semester           September to February
II Semester          May to August
Summer               March

TUITION AND FEES (icono subir Index)

The Universidad Del Pacífico’s tuition and fees cover academic instruction, supplies, orientation and pre and post-program advisory services.  They do not include transportation to and from the program.


If a student chooses to live with a host family, this will include a single room, three meals per day and laundry.  If a student chooses other options costs will vary.  Please contact us for details. All prices are in United State Dollars.  The dollar is the official currency of Ecuador as of September 2000.


Each program has recommended excursions that are listed in the detailed descriptions of the field studies options.

ADMISSIONS (icono subir Index)



  • All applicants are required to submit
  • An application form and essay
  • An application fee
  • An up to date transcript
  • Applicants for semester programs should be 18 years of age and have completed at least one semester of college.
  • The Application for Admission is available at:

Consult for Application Deadlines


All acceptances are contingent upon medical approval. Course syllabi will be sent to all accepted applicants and are available upon request. Admission is open to qualified students regardless of sex, religion, race, national or ethnic origin and economic status, physical or mental disability, among others.

For semester students we consider the following:

  • Motivated people with a sincere interest in environmental issues.
  • Competitive grades, coursework, essays and recommendations.
  • A clear idea of what the student hopes to gain from his/her experience.


All course are accredited by UPACIFICO and upon completion, the student will receive a transcript.

  • Final decision for credit transfer rests on the home institution.
  • Check with the study abroad and/or academic advisor to determine how our courses might contribute to the academic major, minor or elective credits.



Although your host family or dormitory will provide meals, some students may want to try some of Ecuador’s great restaurants every now and then. Typical food of the Quito region includes soups and main dishes made with potatoes, corn, rice with beef, pork, chicken or trout.

Food from the coast is truly a seafood-lover delight!

Notable dishes include ceviche, a popular cold soup with shrimp, fish, and/or shellfish, as well as other seafood plates and banana-based dishes.

There is no shortage of international cuisine either. Italian, Chinese, Middle-Eastern, French, Mexican and Vegetarian are just a few of the different types of restaurants you can find.


For the night owls, Quito and Guayaquil have thriving districts of bars and clubs were locals and foreigners meet to dance to the popular Latin American music such as salsa, merengue and cumbia. For those who are interested in dance classes, Universidad Del Pacífico can arrange them for you.


All of our programs, excursions and field trips are designed to be held in a safe environment, avoiding conflict or dangerous areas.


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